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Sciatica & Slipped Discs

A slipped disc is a type of condition we love to manage. They’re not always easy healers due to structural damage but seeing as they can often require cortisone injection or surgery it is particularly rewarding to stop the patient from needing these invasive therapies.


They appear in many different guises, have their own individual character of pain and behaviour and respond to different ingredients of management in each individual. Here at Optimus, we have managed literally thousands of patients with disc injuries which have allowed us to know what to do to reduce pain, manage patient expectation and when to refer for imaging and orthopaedic specialist opinion.

More commonly known as sciatica, nerve decompression is also an area we specialise in. There are two types of leg pain: pain due to direct issues with the joints, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels in the legs and secondly pain that is referred from the low back, pelvis or hips.

Once the cause of pain is addressed, we can treat the injury and/or decompress the nerve using specialised techniques and equipment designed for such conditions. It’s an important condition to address early as nerve compressions can lead to muscle wastage and spinal cord compressions.

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