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Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder is a complex joint built for mobility, it has a suitable array of things that can go wrong.


Conditions most commonly presented to us include rotator cuff tendonitis, impingement syndromes, A/C (Acromioclavicular) joint sprains, rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis).

The latter is a condition that perplexes the medical world consisting of a 6-18 month cycle of pain, immobility and remission caused by the inflammation of the sleeve that forms the shoulder capsule. More common in older women, the cause is unknown but trauma and inflamed tendons can lead to inflammation and scar tissue being laid down in the pleated shoulder capsule.


Whilst there is no known cure, intramuscular stimulation/acupuncture, mobilisations, Class 4 Laser Therapy and exercise can significantly reduce the severity and shorten the duration in cases we have encountered over the years.

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